Liverpool Live Stream

To say it’s been an invincible year for the Reds may be putting it mildly. They have been simply magnificent.


Coming off an incredible season which saw them endure a narrow one-point loss in the premier league title race – with a point tally that would have won all but three of the previous league titles – and then assuaging that pain with an amazing night of European glory, the stage was pretty much set for Liverpool to dominate this premier league season, and have they done just that!

Just a little over midway into the season Liverpool already have a commanding 13-point lead over the closest team, Leicester City.

It was no surprise Liverpool were going to come out this season guns blazing, but nobody expected the blistering pace and commanding dominance – a pace which, were it continue just as is, would see them winning the league as early as March 14/15 – setting a new league record. For the moment they remain the only unbeaten team in the league, failing to secure all three points only once against Manchester United.

Matches Played So Far: 20
Wins: 19
Draws: 01
Loss: 0


The question at this time seems not be whether or not Liverpool will win their very first Premier League title, as that seem to become more and more a mere formality with each passing game week, but whether or not they can take their unbeaten run to the full extent and become, in essence, the new Invincibles.

The future seems to be set in bright lights, medals and trophies for the Reds, and at the moment the players and coaches seem to be only focused on the task at hand, which is a wise decision considering how capricious the weather of the premier league is.

If there’s any team, however, poised and capable of going the distance, both locally and in Europe, it is this Liverpool team.