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The appointment of Frank Lampard as manager, with no prior experience in coaching a premier league side, and a transfer ban from FIFA, had ensured the Blues were to begin the season with a fresh crop of young players.


It was a frantic beginning of the season for the Blues. A 4 – 0 thrashing at Old Trafford on opening week further emphasized a gloom perceived by many as going to be the epitomization of Chelsea’s season this year.

Expectations weren’t too high and the few who expected some form of magic from the young squad did so out of expectation that the lack of expectations may swell the boys into action.

The first match week was a trying time, even for fans with low expectations. But anyone who was really paying attention would see that the potential was there. And it didn’t take long to manifest. A 6-game win-streak and a few gritty performances later, the young team find themselves sited (a bit comfortably) at 4th position, four points ahead of the closest rival, Manchester United.

Matches Played So Far: 21
Wins: 11
Draws: 03
Loss: 07


Fourth place midway through the season isn’t a position Chelsea fans would normally celebrate – on a normal day and on a normal season. But this isn’t a normal season by any means for the Blues.

Frank Lampard still has a lot to figure out. The team has a knack for disarray at the least expected times – consecutive home loses to Bournemouth and Southampton, for example.

They, however, are capable of fantastic performances, like the away win at Tottenham Hotspur for example, and plain wonderful gritty wins like the 2 -1 result at the Emirates. And this is the Chelsea that fans would expect to see more of, not only throughout the remainder of the season, but also for the upcoming one and foreseeable future at large. Frank Lampard’s work is cut out for him. But thanks to this low-expectation season, he has both a blueprint, and a genuine impressive prototype to work with.