Barcelona Live Stream

It’s been quite a season for Ernesto Valverde’s men. Barcelona will always be a victim of being Barcelona.


A great cub indeed with remarkable history, which means a season that may be considered note worthy for most clubs is regarded as lukewarm at best for the La Liga champions.

The Catalans sit atop the table with 40 points, same as their arch rival Real Madrid, but a season with 3 loses and 4 draws at the midway will never sit well with the fans no matter the position.

Many would argue the season is Barcelona’s to lose, considering the difficult start endured by Real Madrid. A few wins in the right places and Valverde’s men would be sitting comfortably at top position instead of barely holding on with goals difference.

The first leg of the El Classico is an example of the few matches many expected them to win and get an emphatic edge on their rivals but failed, as is the 2 -0 loss to Granada.

Barcelona will always be Barcelona, however, and they’ve enjoyed some relatively Barcelona-esque moments this season, like the nail-biting 1 – 0 win at Atletico Madrid, 5 – 2 thumping of Valencia, and of course the 4 – 0 thrashing of Sevilla.

Matches Played So Far: 19
Wins: 12
Draws: 4
Loss: 3


The season isn’t over quite yet, and despite the few lapses, many are confident the league title is yet Barcelona’s to lose.

And then of course there’s the Champions league, for which victory is still in sight, and failure, many consider, may cost Ernesto Valverde his job at the Nou Camp.

The Catalans are also expected to have a quite busy transfer window to come. The club is obviously poised to be among the continent’s elite for a long time and seem to be determined to ensure they perform at an high level for as many years to come, and despite their current strength, many believes adept recruitment is still the way to go to achieve that goal.