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Just as it is every year, expectations were quite high for Unai Emery and his men at the beginning of the season, even higher among loyal fans of the club who have been waiting on a miracle for a long time. They needed this, as they’ve needed the previous ones, to be their year very badly.


Sadly, the same problem persists with the Gunners, perhaps even worse this year as they find themselves sitting 10th place, with all but a tiny little hope for Champions league place.

A series of woeful, disappointing performances (loses to Sheffield, Leicester City and a couple uninspiring draws) saw the removal of Unai Emery as head coach before the first round of games were complete.

Fredrik Ljunberg would assume control of the helm but fair no better than his master did. After a couple of terrible loses, the Swede would also make way for ex player, Mikel Arteta.

While Mikel Arteta’s three games in charge has seen a loss, a draw and only one win, the win was such an important one that it sent a flash ray of hope sparkling through most fans’ chests.

Matches Played So Far: 21
Wins: 6
Draws: 9
Loss: 6


It is too early to know whether Mikel Arteta’s appointment is the solution to Arsenal’s problem. The results, albeit short and inconclusive by every means, seem to be as divided as the popular opinions going around are.

A terrible 2 – 1 home loss to Chelsea was quickly placated by an impressive 2 – 0 home win against Manchester United. It would seem dreary to focus on the lose, but it might also come off a bit disingenuous to focus entirely on the win.

The Gunner’s future is by no means set in stone; there is still a lot to figure out, still a lot to do. But if there’s anything the gunner’s fans have in abundance, it’s patience – although giving just how much they’ve had to endure, it’s tough to imagine there’s still a whole lot left in that reserve.